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Beautiful websites for people and businesses

Our website packages are suitable for individuals and businesses that demand beautiful designs and dynamic content.  Our websites are perfect for showing personal stories, professional portfolios and stylish brands.  We excel at creating websites that are quick to load and have a strong visual impact on your audience.  We can display your best images and videos, as well as write great stories about your work, brand and/or business.  

  Our websites scale amazingly on smartphones, tablets and computer screens

Our websites scale amazingly on smartphones, tablets and computer screens

Introducing the Squarespace website platform

At HSM Studio, we use Squarespace - an amazing website platform that's the first choice for design-conscious people and businesses.  Squarespace websites look fantastic on smartphones, tablets and traditional computer screens, and they give users access to easy editing tools that are intuitive and quick to use.

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Three examples of our websites

We are proud of creating great work and helping people and businesses to succeed.  The following websites are portfolio and brand sites that use the Squarespace platform.  For a fourth example, check out the rest of this website, which is built on the Squarespace platform too!


Professional Portfolio Website

Commercial Brand Website

  Collaboration project

Collaboration project

Commercial Brand Website

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The best way to create a beautiful website is to enter our Empower Me Online programme

We create all the media content you need to look great on the Internet.  This includes a portfolio or brand website, at least two video productions, professional photographs (including portrait, product and action shots) and social media profiles. 

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If you already have your own photographs and videos that are strong enough to represent you, we can also create your website based on the media you provide. 


Our websites give you control

A unique feature of our website packages are the ability for you to control and maintain your websites after they are created.  Unlike most website design services, you do not need hire a website developer or designer to make changes to your own website - we teach you how to do it yourself!  This is great for controlling the cost of your website over time, and it ensures that you can update your content without delays.  

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