Great videos tell powerful stories

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need the most in the world"
- Philip Pullman

We are passionate about telling stories through film

Videos are consumed and forgotten quickly every day by the general public, but precision, experience and expertise make films that people will remember forever.  We are specialists at producing short, music-based video productions for events, special occasions and personalities.  Our unique style blends the rhythm and emotion of music with the beauty of motion picture.  Imagine what we can produce for you!


Scroll down to see some of our favourite video productions

We create unique and lively video adverts 


Our videos deliver clear messages that engage and excite audiences  

Our style of filmmaking is bright, exciting, modern and lively.  We create cost-effective video advertisements for release on social media, websites and live screenings.  The following video productions are advertisements for two Australian-based performing arts events: the Sydney Bailar Kizomba Festival and the Sydney Cuban Salsa Congress.

Video: Advertising the 2015 Sydney Cuban Salsa Congress

This video was released on Facebook and YouTube, and screened live at Latin dance events including the Sydney International Bachata Festival, Byron Latin Fiesta and the Sydney Latin Festival.  It includes original footage from the previous year's event and custom animations by the HSM Studio team.  


Video: Advertising the Sydney Bailar Kizomba Festival 2016

This production was released on Facebook, YouTube and the official Bailar Kizomba website.  The target audience included prospects in France, Portugal, Singapore, Malaysia and New Caledonia.  The video includes previously-released productions from the artists involved in the event, as well as original footage from the 2015 festival by HSM Studio.

We tell amazing stories though film


Our video productions include interviews and mini-documentaries about people and events  

One of our favourite things is finding inspirational people and telling their stories though film!  The following videos are productions made for Nestor Manuelian (Director of Latin Dance Australia in Sydney) and Jaxen Tan (Owner of Rhythm Identity Dance Studios in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Video: Exposé of Nestor Manuelian on mentoring and coaching dance students

This video explores Nestor's attitude on helping students achieve their goals training for dance competitions and performances.  It features original video footage and a recorded interview by the HSM Studio team.


Video: Exposé of Jaxen Tan on the contribution of dance to his life

In this video Jaxen discusses how dance has made a significant contribution to his life by helping him meet friends and his wife, and creating life achievements he never thought were possible.  The production includes original footage from his workshops and performances at the 2015 World Bachata Festival (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), as well as a freestyle Zouk-Lambada performance with his dance partner Sara Lim.

We capture the moments that define people's lives


Weddings give us an amazing motivation to make films about people and their life stories

An important part of our philosophy at HSM Studio is to create meaningful and lasting memories of special moments in people's lives.  Although we carry this philosophy into our documentary and advertising work, creating videos for weddings and special occasions give us a lovely break from the commercial world!  The following productions are short highlight videos of wedding celebrations in 2015.  

Video: Wedding Highlights for Sonja and Deni in Sydney, Australia

This short film retells the story of Sonja and Deni's wedding day from morning preparations to the end of the night.  The celebration followed a Macedonian Orthodox Christian tradition, which included the bread-breaking and door ceremonies, as well as cultural dances and specific Church-based practices.  The challenge of the video was to show how many of the traditions were followed, as well as highlighting the sentimental moments of the day.  The film includes original footage and graphic animations by the HSM Studio team.


Video: Evening Dinner highlights for Elle and Daniel in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This video is Part 2 of a three-episode production for Elle and Daniel's Chinese Wedding celebration.  The newlyweds had their official wedding in the Catholic tradition in Perth Australia, and their family-based celebration was at home in Kuala Lumpur.  The video features speeches from the Maid of Honour, Best Man and the father of the groom, as well as the key highlights of the dinner party.  Filming also covered their traditional Betrothal Gifts and Tea Ceremonies, Champagne pouring and Banquet.  The video includes original footage and graphic animations by the HSM Studio team, as well as clips from the couple's Perth wedding ceremony by Marcelo Productions.