Unique photography with emotion and vivacity

"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world"
- Bruno Barbey

A self-portrait by John Paul Lopez Taberdo


Great photographs do not have to be beautiful, but they must communicate strong emotions and true insights about people

At HSM Studio, our photographs are selected and developed exclusively by our Creative Director, John Paul Lopez Taberdo.  Photography has been his passion since 2004, starting with photojournalism projects and travel.  John Paul started with a simple, mechanical film camera capturing the beauty and truth of real-life events as he travelled around the world.  His unique eye and dedication to the art helped him craft a style that combines living movement, true emotion and vivid energy.  He is now a accomplished professional photographer that specialises in performing arts events, weddings and special occasions, and portraiture.


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Capturing creativity and passion in photographs

"Art heals by changing a person's physiology and attitude.  It takes you away to some other place"
- Barbara Timberman

Every great photograph carries a story or message

At HSM Studio, we have the resources and expertise to cover small to medium size events (up to 800 people) with photography crews of up to 5 photographers.  We have produced amazing results for events in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia including the Sydney Dance Company and the Sydney International Bachata Festival.  Our team members are trained to capture great moments in the best light, and to work with high standards of professionalism.  Our photography packages start from just $749 for events based in Sydney, Australia.  

Turning special moments into eternal treasures

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory"

- Theodor Seuss Geisel


Colourful, classic or both combined?

One of the greatest assets of HSM Studio is our ability to capture moments that bring lively, colourful and meaningful memories to people's lives.  Photography at weddings and personal occasions is one of our biggest loves - it gives us the opportunity to create images that people will look back on through the rest of their lives with tears, pride and joy.  

Unlike many photography companies in the digital age, we produce for quality, not quantity.  We create real prints and photo albums, and we develop every photograph by hand with precision and care.  Our Complete Wedding Photography Package starts at $2499, which inlcudes one premium photo album, three large prints, up to 200 digital images, an engagement photo shoot and full coverage of your wedding day.

Making images with meaning and purpose

"Life is like a camera... Focus only on what is important and you will capture it perfectly"
 - Linda Poindexter

A picture is worth a thousand words

People are social beings - even introverts want to know about other people!  At HSM Studio, we know what it takes to tell volumes about people in just one picture.  We specialise in environmental portraiture - making photographs in locations such as beaches, islands, cafes and streets.  Locations that have specific meaning and relevance to each person we photograph.  Our portrait photography sessions start from just $749 for a private shoot in multiple locations to produce up to 20 retouched portfolio images.