Helping creative and inspirational people to succeed

"There is no longer an excuse for being invisible online - you are who Google says you are"
- Daniel Priestley, Key Person of Influence

Empower Me Online is a complete media solution designed for busy entrepreneurs, creative professionals and business leaders to look great on the Internet


Build a strong reputation


Show people what you stand for


Tell people your ideas and talents


The goal of Empower Me Online is to help people become well-known and successful using the power of websites, videos, photographs and social media

In today's media-rich world, having a strong online presence is absolutely essential to be known and trusted by the general public.  Leading personalities such as Richard Branson, Barack Obama and J.K. Rowling have scores of material produced for them such as books, documentaries, websites, social media pages, short videos and professional photographs.  Their online content has become a huge part of their success helping them attract millions of customers, followers and book readers.  Their online reputation is so powerful that just mentioning their name starts conversations and sells products!  If you haven't done so already, it's time to get smart and take control of your online identity.

  A strong online identity reaches people's phones, tablets and computers!

A strong online identity reaches people's phones, tablets and computers!

In just 30 days, you could have:

1. A beautiful website

Representing you and your work professionally

2. Powerful videos

Showing the best stories and details of your work

3. Portfolio photographs

Making you look great in front of the world

4. Active social media profiles

Helping you reach out to thousands of people

We make it fast and easy for you to stand out in the competitive media-rich world

The challenge for busy modern people is finding the time and expertise to create a perfect website, social media profile and all the photos and videos they need to make a positive first impression.  At HSM Studio, our dedicated production team has everything you need to look great online quickly and easily.  Read on to find out more!

  Empower Me Online helps you to stand out in the crowd

Empower Me Online helps you to stand out in the crowd

Making great people look amazing online


To make a great first impression, you need the right people, talent and expertise by your side 

Our production team prides itself on building beautiful websites, high quality video productions, stunning photographs and professional social media profiles.  Our past clients have included influential personalities such as Nestor Manuelian (Latin Dance Australia) and Steve Hart (Fox Sports), as well as great organisations such as Headspace Australia and FORM Dance Projects.  

  Look impressive on Google and social media!

Look impressive on Google and social media!


Take a look at what the Empower Me Online Programme includes

1. A Beautiful Website


Having your own personal website is a sure way to impress people that find you on Google  

Unlike Facebook and other social media channels, a website is the only piece of online media you have complete control over.  You can make your best images and videos appear first, and your favourite words and stories be the most prominent things people read about you.  Here is an example of the website we created for Nestor Manuelian, the Director of Latin Dance Australia.  Click on the images to go strait to his site.  


2. Powerful Videos


The Internet has become a rich multimedia resource allowing people to watch videos online for information and entertainment  

World leaders in business, politics and entertainment have their own YouTube channels and video productions such as interviews, documentaries, stage performances and advertisements.  Imagine having your own professionally made videos about yourself and/or your business!  Take a look at the following examples of advertising and exposé videos produce for Nestor Manuelian, the World Bachata Festival and Rhythm Identity Dance Studios.


The Empower Me Online programme includes two video productions (minimum)

1. An Introduction video that shows all your and/or your business' best attributes in less than 60 seconds (great for advertising).  2. An Exposé/Documentary production showing you and/or your work in action.  You can also choose to have more video productions made for you to have a bigger impact on your target audience.  Videos are can be published on YouTube, Vimeo and your website.    


3. Portfolio Photographs


Having remarkable images on the Internet is absolutely essential for people to become known and respected in the eyes of the general public

You can find photographs of the most famous and notable people in every community and industry, but images of unknown people never surface to the top of Google searches.  The best example of this is in the film industry - photographs of famous and well-paid actors are easy to find, but the vast majority of actors in films are almost completely invisible.  Take a look at the following photographs produced by HSM Studio.  


Great photographs do not have to be beautiful, but they must be able to communicate strong emotions or insights about people

This is where professional photography comes into play - the most memorable images of notable people such as Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick and the Dalai Lama are professionally produced photographs.  At HSM Studio, we have the eye to create great images, and we take great care to produce and publish only the best for people to see.  The Empower Me Online programme includes two photo shoots aimed at producing professional profile photos and action shots.  


4. Professional social media profiles


Social media makes it possible to have conversations with thousands (if not millions) of people every day

Although social media doesn't allow you to control the way people view and interact with the information you publish on your own website, it publishes your media strait to people's phones, tablets and laptop screens.  The Empower Me Online programme creates the social media profiles you need to reach out to the people you want to target.  This could include any combination of Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, LinkedIn profiles or YouTube channels.  We can even develop posts or tweets based on the videos, photos and stories we create for you.  


Our simple process for great results

"Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains"
- Steve Jobs in Business Week

At HSM Studio, we make it fun and easy to create great results quickly

The Empower Me Online programme is designed to fit into your busy schedule.  This means that you only need to be involved at specific stages of the production process - we do the rest of the work!  Read on to find out how we can create everything you need in just six easy steps.  

Step 2

A Project Kickstarter will get in touch with you create a basic project plan.

Step 3

Meet our Creative Director to prepare for the video and photo shoots.

Step 4

Production time!  Together we do an interview and portrait photography shoot, and film you in action (up to 4 shoots/sets on location).

Step 5

Post-production.  We invite you to review our progress once at 80% complete.  

Step 6

Launch Day!  We train you to manage your website and online content, and give you full control over your online identity.