We love to create amazing websites, beautiful photographs, powerful videos and stories on social media


Creative Video Production

We are specialists at producing short, music-based video productions for events, special occasions, brands and professional portfolios.  Our unique style blends the rhythm and emotion of music with the beauty of motion picture.  See how we can bring your story to life through video!

Signature Photography

We create beautiful photographs for portfolios, weddings, special occasions and performing arts events.  Our Head Photographer and Creative Director, John Paul Lopez Taberdo, has a unique eye for capturing the moment.  Check out our Photography Page to experience our unique perspective!

Websites and Social Media

We build amazing websites and social media channels that show professionalism and generate audiences.  Combining our talents in video production, photography and creative writing, we create media content that people love to hear, see and read.  Find out how we can boost your online presence!


In today's competitive and media-rich world, having a strong online presence is absolutely essential to be known and trusted by the general public.  Leading personalities such as Richard Branson, Barack Obama and J.K. Rowling have powerful online identities, and so should you!  Here at HSM Studio we have the time, talent and expertise to build you an online identity you can be proud of.  


We make it fast and easy to stand out in the competitive media-rich world

Empower Me Online is a complete media solution designed for busy entrepreneurs, creative professionals and business leaders using the power of websites, videos, photographs and social media.  Our production team turns a big modern-day problem into a solution - your reputation is largely based on what people find out about you on Google and Facebook, but finding the time and expertise to boost your online presence is almost impossible!  Our goal is to ensure that the Internet makes meaningful and lasting impressions about you and/or your business.  


The Basics

HSM Studio is an independent visual arts organisation based in Sydney, Australia.  We specialise in photography, videography, graphic design and online media production.  

The Love

What does HSM stand for?  Heart, Soul and Mind.  Our passion is to create great work with professionalism and artistic flair.  We put our best ideas and creative energy into every project.  

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Our History

We have been making great photographs and videos since 2004.  The Studio was established by our Creative Director, John Paul Lopez Taberdo.  John Paul started out with the aim of exposing true stories through photojournalism, and recording beautiful memories in short films and photo albums.  His work in the weddings and performing arts industries formed the foundations for the Studio's specialisation and unique style.  


Since 2004 we have met plenty of amazing and inspiring people: entrepreneurs with fresh new ideas; writers with remarkable stories to tell; dancers and musicians with talent, dedication and big dreams.  This experience gave us the motivation to take the next step and do something more meaningful and important for people - to help them succeed in the world using the talent and expertise we could provide.  In 2014 we expanded our work to include websites, social media content production and, in 2015, the Empower Me Online programme.